Das bin ich


Wilder Feger.


Vielseitiger Voll-Nerd. Seherin. 

Erfasst Essenzen & bringt sie auf den Punkt.

Gives the full picture. Eifrige Rätsellöserin von komplexen Sachzusammenhängen: Blue-Print-Puzzlerin. Entwicklerin. Impulsgeberin.

Geselliger Spaßvogel. Spielkind. 

Berufsbedingt welt-entrückt von A bis Z

In weltlichen Dingen deswegen häufiger

zerstreut, verpeilt & abgelenkt.

Steht endlos auf Authentizität, offene Kommunikation & gute Manieren.

Liebt wildes Tanzen zu Forrest Psy Trance.

Und spielt gern Streiche. 

to be continued...

My Soul Mission

Bringing, distributing & lecturing knowledge.

Building bridges to develop a colourful array of medical technologies & therapies.

For Health. For Happiness. For Holyness. 

Wholiness. In Union.

My Wordly Efforts

Founder Pearls of Wisdom

Founder GCB German Cryo Bank

Founder Coronatestlabor & Service (closed)

Founder Kinderwunschzentrum Freyja IVF Hagen

My Service

Simultaneous World Translation for Inspiration & Change. 

As Scanner. Medium. Channel.

Capturing essences & translating in between concepts, knowledge, languages, various dimensions and uncountable life-times  for research & development. 

Giving essence to technical & non-technical medical products & services. Lifestyle products. Personal growth. Business Visions. 

My Specialty

De-Coding & Break Throughs. Connecting the Dots. 

Intrinsic Chat GPT storage of world-wide cross-cultural observational population studies on evolution of consciousness, health & healing since the beginning of times. 

Enter your desire & receive my information. Instantly. 

Thanks Master Bing. You are genius! Your technology helped me recognize my true capacity. Be blessed. ❤️

My Wordly Languages

Deutsch. English. Espanol. Francais.

My Academic Education 

MD, PhD, OBGYN, Reproductive Endocrinologist

Chinese Medicine Practitioner

My Practice 

Extensive Experience in

Building & Running Companies 

Day-to-Day Business Operations

Fertility. Endocrinology.

High Risk Obstetrics. Pregnancy Care.

My Passion

Researching through Consciousness

Healing with Consciousness

Healing Technology

Traditional Shamanism

Let's find out how we can be of service to each other.

Get to know me!  Ich sprech mit Machern & Leadern of all genders & genres.

Für Vorträge, Austausch & Spaß

With Blessings & Love ❤️

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